Out of Darkness Comes

Dark thoughts. Spiritual darkness. Black magic. Stuck in a dark place.

It’s so easy to use these terms to describe sadness, anger, maliciousness. The common connotations of darkness are so embedded that things like happiness, consciousness, and spiritual awakening are described as light. Light is revered, sought to penetrate grim darkness with good things. Darkness is feared, avoided, perceived as a void of goodness/light. This happens daily, without question or second thought.

I’ve come to understand, revere, and reveal darkness in a different way.

Darkness is unknown,

littered with possibility.

Darkness is hope, life, abundance.

Brimming with energies untapped.

Out of darkness comes serenity.

Out of darkness comes clarity.

Out of darkness comes innovation.

We rise from darkness with the power it has bestowed.

We look to darkness when we are awakened from fear.

When we are no longer afraid of silence. Of truth.

We float into darkness as we enter astral universes.

As we seek universal understanding.

Darkness is feminine. Complete. All-encompassing.

Darkness is fertile, nourishing.

Out of darkness comes enlightenment.

Out of darkness comes transformation.

Out of darkness comes challenge.

Out of darkness comes discovery, vitality, growth.

This series begins the process of unfolding and understanding darkness by presenting visualizations from my own meditations. In these sessions of deep retreat, the colors and patterns that emerged from the darkness of a still mind appeared so vividly and demanding that they remained long enough to recreate photographically.