Breathing Earth


Dream Log:
May 20,2011

“I was told about a “resting place”. I went to visit and saw living people. To them, this was a reviving earth, given to us to rejuvenate in. They said if anyone was ever in need, they had the security of sleeping there.

I decided this was the original intent, & that the dead were buried there by loved ones in an effort to ‘revive’

them. But this was really a living earth. I was less afraid & wanted to rest there for a night. A woman was there with

a child. Maybe both of them were hers. Both children fell down 2 or 3 steps into the fertile soil. I was afraid they were hurt. The woman was unconcerned.

*This was the end of my dream log. I still remember the feeling and energy of the resting place.”

Breathing Earth is an ongoing exploration of the interconnectedness of humans and the natural world. It has been created to bring awareness to our dependence on the earth.

For so many decades, developed societies have consistently moved further away from direct communion with nature. As a whole, we continue to abuse the very thing that supports our existence, even vilifying those who still pay homage to, or worship the earth. “Earth worship”, as a statement, is easily considered evil or degenerate.  Breathing Earth brings a focus back to what gives us life; The earth, and it’s natural elements.

The earth continues to change exponentially in relatively short spans of time. The environments captured represent fertile, lush environments that idealize all warmer, humid climates that nurture the most vibrant communities.